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Reditec delivers exceptional service, so you can focus on running your business. Our SAAS Solutions help your business thrive, stay competitive and efficient. We believe a healthy, functional IT system is the backbone of a growing company, and we work hard to deliver the IT support your company needs.


Companies looking for custom software to solve problems and power growth face a
challenging dilemma: do they invest in a fully custom software solution or go
with an off-the-shelf product? At Reditec, we have years of experience helping
businesses achieve their goals through custom software solutions based on a
deep understanding of their unique processes, challenges and needs.

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Technologies We Use


We help to implement software solutions for organisations of all sizes, regardless of
location. With our vast experience in local projects right through to global
implementations, and can offer:

  • Dedicated project management support
  • Installation of new software on your required platform
  • Data mapping and migration
  • Design workshops and associated documentation
  • Implementation of any necessary configuration changes to the software
  • Troubleshooting
  • Process Mapping and Documented Procedures
  • Acceptance testing and user training

We can do all this with minimum disruption to your business – while providing
technical skills and know-how to make sure your project is a success. Furthermore,
no matter where your office is located, we offer a diverse range of service and
support options, including:

  • Dedicated account manager team
  • Application optimisation workshops
  • Customer user training
  • Customer administrator training
  • Online portal support
  • Remote diagnostics
  • On-site troubleshooting

Contact us now and let’s discuss how we can help solve your business problems
with our software solutions.


Some Products We Support.
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IoT Solutions ​

Internet of things i.e. IoT has been utilized from enterprises to industries for connecting everything with everyone. IoT can be understood as one of the disruptive technology which is making the world a more better and smarter place to live.

Reditec is all set to explore the hidden potential of Internet of Things for their clients. We deliver innovative IoT solutions to the organizations, which help them fulfill their business requirements. We are here to empower the organizations with:

  • Designs, integration, development, management, and deployment of end to end IoT processes.
  • Smoothly integrating IoT solutions to the existing architecture of the enterprise.
  • Improving decision-making process through augmented intelligence.
  • Integrating and transforming the business processes.
  • Delivering new data after proper analysis.

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AI – Artificial Intelligence

Discover new values with Machine Learning and Cloud for your business with our AI-infused apps for smarter and intelligent business specific solutions. We help you get the most out of dependable and next-gen technologies such as artificial intelligence solutions; cognitive computing that helps you in getting more and more proficient in reacting to your customer demands.

We provide 21st century smart business automation tools that allows you to have a more refined approach on the growing demands. With our expert AI Software Development we provide you an intelligent system that can mimic the human thought process and provide you with precise logical solutions for your industry specific needs.

With our expert artificial intelligence programming, we help you to think intelligently and bring you the benefits of AI 2019 to ensure better business automations and operational efficiency.

Machine Learning
Integrated and powerful Machine Learning technology with AI development empowering your solutions with expert complex data interpretation, detection of tends and identification of the sales pattern, giving away better analytics to make the right critical business decisions.

Virtual Assistants
High functionality, self sustainable- we help you get AI-powered chatbots and voice interfaces into your customer services allowing you to interpret and understand your consumer behavior and demand, lavishing intelligent customer service solutions of AI 2019.

Business Intelligence (BI)
Unlock high-performing and much powerful BI software solutions integrated in your enterprise system to get comprehensive computing in your enterprise operations and provide you meaningful insights into business to perform better.

Chatbot Development
Going beyond Google Assistance and SIRI, we help you develop smart and self-learning progressive and scalable Chatbot applications that use powerful AI Technology and Machine Learning relinquishing a human like experience.


Software robots to automate rote tasks.

Robotic process automation (RPA) is the cutting-edge and very promising offering of the robotic revolution. RPA refers to using a software robot to interact with business applications like CRM, ERP, help desk and other web applications by emulating the actions of the human user to complete specific tasks in these applications. However, RPA is more than just mimicking the way a human user interacts with these systems. It employs complex logic to manage system interactions, manage data and even handle exceptions by notifying the employee in cases where human intervention is necessary.

RPA can be used to automate the manual, repetitive tasks of business and drive greater operational efficiency. CIS offers optimized RPA solutions to streamline business transactions and bring greater agility into day to day processes. We help clients improve the productivity of their employees, reduce the operating costs and enhance revenues and profit margins. Free your employees from mundane, rule-based repetitive tasks and allow them to focus on more significant tasks with our RPA services. You can count on our expertise to help you as you incorporate digital workforce in your business.


Reditec assists small to medium-size businesses with all their required computer repairs and general IT services. Make sure to talk to our experts for tailored business IT services.

As a business owner or manager, your time is valuable. You will of course want to spend your time doing what you do best: growing your business. This means being able to have confidence that all your IT concerns and strategies are being looked after, without needing to oversee everything yourself.


Our business expertise lies in the Manufacturing, Automotive, Banking, Real Estate,  Retail and Healthcare sectors with this specialisation allowing us to truly know the ins and outs of different businesses. Of course, we regularly work with businesses outside of these fields as well.

As all our solutions are custom-designed, you can be sure you are truly receiving service that will propel your business to the next level.

We pride ourselves on their stellar customer service and support, striving to make the complicated world of software and computers less stressful, expensive, and time-consuming for our business clients.