Bitdefender Small Office Security 2020

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Grants next-gen protection for all your devices so nothing can slow you down.

  • Next-gen security designed for your business
  • Complete protection for your Windows, Android, macOS or iOS devices
  • Prevents hackers and malicious software from exploiting vulnerabilities in your system
  • Cloud-based centralized control for multiple devices
  • Simple and ...

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  • Excellent Warranty & Returns Policy Excellent Warranty & Returns Policy

Why Bitdefender Small Office Security?

With the advent of malware in the digital world, at least half of small and medium companies fall victim to cyber-attacks. E-threats grow even more sophisticated and you need a trusted, innovative security solution to defend your business against hacking and viruses.

Bitdefender Small Office Security grants next-gen protection for all your devices so nothing can slow you down.

It’s incredibly easy to install and light on your resources.

Easy cloud-based management

Bitdefender provides a single management console for centralized control of your Windows, Android, macOS or iOS devices.

With Bitdefender Central, it’s easy to install and manage multiple devices, with no IT skills required.

You can monitor these devices from the comfort of your office, or from your phone for quick on-the-go updates, anywhere in the world.

Network Threat Prevention

Bitdefender Small Office Security brings major changes to the way online threats are detected and repelled. The latest network-based adaptive layer of protection prevents exploitation of vulnerabilities in your system, and detects and blocks brute-force attempts. Stops botnet attacks from compromising your device and prevents the sending of sensitive information in unencrypted forms.

Multi-Layer Ransomware Protection & Ransomware Remediation

Bitdefender Small Office Security delivers multiple layers of protection against ransomware. It uses behavioral threat detection to prevent infections, and protects your most important documents from ransomware encryption.

The Ransomware Remediation feature acts as a remediation layer that protects data such as documents, pictures, videos and music against all kinds of ransomware attacks.

bit defender

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