About us

Welcome to Redirect and thanks for visiting us.

Redirect was started as we believe that tech should be ready for use right away and you the owner should not have to still set it up.

At Reditec, we believe that your technology devices should be ready to use when you receive them. That’s the Reditec difference. Our business IT support extends to small to medium businesses and individuals.
Whether you’re a small business or a family-owned shop, Reditec has a custom IT solution to suit you. Better yet, our support service is available on a small business budget.
Our relationships with IT suppliers allow us to provide laptops, desktops, printers and other IT devices for your business as great prices and all setup for your business with software and emails etc..
With Reditec, there’s no need to spend massive amounts of money on recruiting, training and retaining staff members to create your own IT department – instead, we are there for you when you need us!
We offer affordable same-day IT support for, and not limited to, the following types of organisations:
Health care practitioners
Recruitment firms
Law Firms
Accounting Firms
Tourism and Restaurant Industry
No matter your budget or the industry your business is in, Reditec can provide you a custom solution. In addition to small business tech services, Reditec also provides IT services for home users – just contact our team to find out about our full scope of services.